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Efforts for the most vulnerable people to live a life in interaction with others!

The purpose of the association is to promote social, cultural and other work at national and international level, to promote the integration of the most disadvantaged groups in their respective societies, in order to enable them to achieve an active quality of life as an alternative to placement in institutions.


Address: Uraniavej 5, 1878 Frederiksberg

Project Office: Enghavevej 80, 2450 Copenhagen SV

TEH focuses on young people on "the edge"

- but not only!

TEH works best without "stuffing people into boxes"

... we work for vulnerable people

of all ages, diagnoses or other boxes!!

Regardless of what it is about: Inclusion of Roma children in schools in Bulgaria or empowering young people with dual diagnosis in Denmark, development of institutions for disabled people in Romania, reform of psychiatry in Albania, support for professional qualification of social workers in Russia or Kyrgyzstan, establishment of shelters for vulnerable children and women in Lithuania, collaborating on training at social and educational faculties education between Russian and EU universities, social capital growth initiatives in civil society projects in Belarus and many other exciting activities that link human rights to practical and real opportunities for all - so is DEH happy with!


Also when it's hard and requires us to pave the way while we go ... But this can only be done with your support.




Opportunities for living together


From TEH's world


Job training and job opportunities for people with disabilities through social enterprises


DEH is currently working on projects in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Romania to develop social economy enterprises



The Nordic Council (NCM) supports a new cross boarder cooperation project

TEH and Belarus some years ago had an EU-supported project on patient's rights. During this collaboration, a group from Belarus participated in a study visit in this country.



Civil society creates inclusion

All experience shows that we can not create real and lasting development simply by providing traditional services to vulnerable populations. Therefore, TEH is currently working on projects to create inclusion for young people with disabilities ...

The risk that we forget ...

The history of disability is disappearing and people with disability is losing many of the rights that were fought for. Isolation and institutionalization are again on the rise. Therefore, TEH has taken the initiative to secure the history of the future for the future ...

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Uraniavej 5

1878 Frederiksberg C