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When TEH visited Ukraine for the first time in May 2014. It resulted in an agreement about co-operation with the national organization All-Ukranian CSO "Coalition for Persons with Disabilities" with the overall objective to develop an inclusive society through constructive dialogue with NGOs as initiators: democracy, social justice and human rights, implementing and supervision of local, regional and national politics with basis in society's most vulnerable groups. There still is an overall objective in the co-operation with All-Ukranian CSO "Coalition for Persons with Disabilities".

The co-operation today is about finding solutions on those problems, which especially one of the most vulnerable group of people meet in the current violent conflikt in Ukraine: it's people with learning disability or mental disorders in the institutions in the east regions, who were evacuated to the west - to very miserable conditions even compared to the horrible conditions in the big institutions. Without food, no heat and sanitary condition. Also they don't have the opportunity to undestand what is happening in ther lives.



People with learning disabilities or mental disorders in Ukraine have been moved to even more miserable conditons, because of the conflict




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