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DEHs mangeårige samarbejdspartner EUROBELARUS er leder af et samarbejdsprojekt mellem Litauen, Belarus og Danmark om at forbedre livskvaliteten for patienter med cancer. Projektets titel er: Cooperation of Denmark, Lithuania and Belarus in improving the quality of life for patients with cancer.


Projektet er finansieret af Nordisk Ministerråd (2017)

Lene Petersen er DEH's projektleder.


Projekt resumé



TEH's long-standing partner EUROBELARUS is the leader of a cooperation project between Lithuania, Belarus and Denmark to improve the quality of life for cancer patients. The title of the project is: Cooperation of Denmark, Lithuania and Belarus in

verbetering van de kwaliteit van leven voor patiënten met



The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers



DEH har arbejdet i Litauen i mange år og havde tilbage i 1990'erne en række projekter om hjemmepleje, krisecentre for kvinder og børn og institutionsudvikling.

About the project


Nowadays oncology is rapidly developing sphere, every 5 years methods of treatment and diagnostics change dramatically, every year tens of new pharmaceutical drugs come into view. That is why different countries unite their efforts in their struggle against cancer in order to lower expenses, find optimal methods of diagnostics, medication, and rehabilitation.


It is quite natural for countries to unite their efforts in order to learn the best practices in treatment and diagnostics of cancer as well as changing public attitude. In order to keep pace with the most modern solutions, countries like Lithuania or Belarus are building ties with Denmark - one of the world leaders in the area of oncologic solutions. While the situation in Lithuania is steadily changing for better due to reforms and influence of patients’ NGOs, Belarus still has obstacles that prevent it from applying efficient solutions in the sphere of oncology. Only through experience exchange between countries and addressing different levels of problem the situation may change for the better.


The proposed project is aimed at establishing cross-border cooperation between NGOs of cancer patients and health care professionals in Denmark, Lithuania and Belarus to discuss and transfer the best practices in improving the quality of life for patients. To reach this objective, the project envisages the following activities:

1) Organisation of study visits and mutual learning for patients’ NGOs and professional institutions representatives from Belarus, Lithuania and Denmark.

2) Upon the results of these visits, development of a set of publications, memorandums and analytical articles, containing description of program documentation on the strategy of anti-cancer combat, description of doctors’ and patients’ rights and responsibilities, the system of oncological assistance

in all 3 countries.

3) Conducting survey of Belarusian cancer patients and doctors. 4) Organisation of a workshop and the Baltic region international conference for 70 persons in Minsk, in order to discuss

the results of the survey, raise existing problems and awareness about possible solutions, develop communication links between professionals and NGOs, and establish partnerships and a network of oncology committed NGOs.

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