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The package is made by

Henrik Haubro, Valerya Shvets and

Lars Steinov (some of the photos)

(c) TEH 2016

with support by CISU Oplysningspulje

Learning through comparing: Kyrgyzstan and Denmark


The package includes materials for two academic lessons of class work and assignment for homework. Media files for class work – video interviews, links to texts and pictures – are provided along with the package and can be downloaded via the DEH website.


Why Kyrgyzstan

The package is designed to provoke high school students to think critically about different stages of economical development of a country, and in particular to invite them to think critically and debate on various aspects of Danish welfare system and the challenges facing it today. Instead of the traditional approach, i.e. talking directly case-by-case about Denmark, this package suggests a comparative analysis between Denmark and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.


Kyrgyzstan is the country in Central Asia, similar to Denmark by its size and population. Just like Denmark, it has a limited amount of resources and therefore its economic prosperity also depends on innovative investment and development of human resources. But unlike Denmark, for the last 20 years Kyrgyzstan has been going through a transition from a communist to a capitalist economy, which has caused a wide range of challenges. These challenges would be the focus during the suggested learning package. Most importantly, through discussing various challenges that Kyrgyzstan is facing while trying to build up its economy, students would be suggested to reflect on the Danish realities as well.

General outline

The first step consists of a general introduction tour made by the students in pairs for 10-15 minutes.

Then the class in plenum discusses what they have learned about Kyrgyzstan.

The second step is forming 3 theme groups to work with each one case study from Kyrgyzstan.

The 3 theme groups plan their work and may divide into smaller groups.

Each case study is followed by a short presentation and a group discussion and Q&A session in plenum.


In the end of the lesson each group gets a (homework) assignment – to prepare a group presentation during the next lesson.

Group presentation - home assignment

Each group gets an assignment for a group presentation relating to the issues discussed in class, but focusing on Denmark.

The idea is to have the students to discuss and to understand EQUALITY by comparison


Cases from Kyrgyzstan and suggested questions for discussion

Lack of infrastructure and an example of the ruined old sanatorium that was once one of the most popular retreats in the country and a ruined UNESCO Heritage site lost in the middle of a field

  • How to develop tourism with lack of infrastructure and capital resources? i.e. local social enterprises selling local produce to tourists
  • How to create information campaigns? i.e. grassroots journalism and example of GOKG trying hard to change the image of Kyrgyzstan
  • Compare this issue with Denmark.


Lack of skilled labor and emigration to Russia and Kazakhstan

  • What could be done to stop the growing rate of people leaving the country?
  • Human rights and violations of rights of migrant workers abroad
  • Is there an emigration or migration crisis in Denmark?
  • What could be the ways to solve it?


Ethnic tensions in Southern Kyrgyzstan and a short interview with a social worker, telling about ethnic tensions in the country in 2010 and measures of dealing with it

  • What are the ways to integrate opposing ethnical groups in one community?
  • Compare this issue with Denmark and discuss whether there are also ethnic tensions in DK and what could be the possible ways to prevent them.


The students shall use internet search and own experiences to make a comparison between Kyrgyz and Danish conditions and contexts and discuss different examples of inequality and equality. And what to do about it?

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