Social responsibility across borders

Everybody has the right to take part in their society

TEH's aim is to advocate and implement this into practice


Whatever it is about: Inclusion of Roma children in schools in Bulgaria or empowerment of young people with dual diagnosis in Denmark, the development of institutions for the disabled in Romania, reform of psychiatry in Albania, support for the professional qualification of social workers in Russia or Kyrgyzstan, establishment of shelters for vulnerable children and women in Lithuania, cooperation on education boost in social and pedagogical faculties of education between Russian and EU universities, social capital growth initiatives in civil society projects in Belarus and many other exciting activities that link human rights to practical and real opportunities for all - then TEH like to take part!


Also when it is difficult and requires paving the the way, while we go ... But this can only be done with your help.



TEH has throughout its activity focused on particular opportunities for young people not to be maintained andhidden away in the institutions. That is why we are working with especially with projects and activities around the job training, education and jobs for young people. Eg. to create social enterprises that can fit in the various communities in which we work.


But TEH are not only working for and with young people. Actually we work anywhere without "putting people in boxes" - neither in terms of age or diagnostic.



TEH samarbejder med andre

TEH believes it is important to cooperate with others in order to achieve some results as a small humanitarian organization. Therefore, we have of course always local partners in the countries we work in. But TEH is also a member of numerous Danish and international networks and associations to learn and to enhance its impact. Some of these are:













The Chairman informs.

Social responsebility across borders and humanitarian work is actually worth it - but it takes time.


The European House is a humanitarian association that supports the most vulnerable groups in society with moving

ahead in life and being an active part of their community.


And not only to get better living conditions. We seek to increase the social capital those places where we start, so we

can get the local community, groups and citizens to take care of local issues of any kind, so there also space and

possibilities for the weakest groups- groups that the ordinary society does not think there's room for, whether we call

them people with disabilities, young criminals, psychiatry patients, abused, old or something completely different.


TEH has since the start of October 1994 completed projects in Denmark, East Europe, Russia, Kyrgysztan, Ukraine.

We think it's good and educational to work together across borders- both academically and geographically.

Partly because we are part of the same "global" house and because we can learn something of those, that maybe see

the world a bit differently from our view. It's simply about creating good neighborhood. Humanly and professionally.


It's these simple principles that we through the years have worked after, regardless of the many different activities

and projects we have worked on.



















Chairman of TEH in centrer in Civil Society Dialogue in Moldavia. June 2015.



Lise From, chairman


1-15. Nov. 2015 Collecting Clothes for people with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan

TEH has in collaboration with its partners in Kyrgyzstan and Denmark started a big clothes collecting

charity project, where people living in Denmark can give some of their old clothes away to people

with disabilities living in Kyrgyz neuro-psychiatric institutions.


1. august 2015 Visit from Romania

DEH has Ion and Virgil from Craiova on sturdy visit in two weeks in Denmark. Those two have

been involved from the start of our aktivities in Romænien 25 years ago.


1. august 2015 Tools to Kyrgyastan

TEH has gotten support to conduct a summer-project Where youths on "the edge" participate

in collecting tools to Kygyzstan. TEH shall together with their partners create jobs and job-

training possibilities for young people with disabilities.


10. august 2015 Hüseyin Koc in TEH office

Hüseyin Koc starts in TEH as EGO student 1.9.2015, but Hüseyin has already started.

31. august 2015 Visit from Kyrgyzstan.

6 Kyrgyz social-folk will visit for a week. They shall e.g. visit National Board of Social Services and LEV.

But mostly they shall visit social Enterprises and STU.


23. sept. 2015 The final conference

Lise From and Lene Petersen participate in a conference in Minsk, Belarus. It's last big event in

the soon 3 year long EU supported project around inclusion in Belarus. The topic for the conference

is de-institutionalization of big institutions. The issue is illustrated by the partners from

various countries, who are or have been through the process.





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